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The Serpent’s Bite
                       wds&music Gary M Wollman

The serpent’s bite
Has you running for cover over&over oh the
Serpent’s bite…thinks that he can get ya
He’s unlikely to forget ya

Stay away from the pain & hurt
He’ll lurk right where you pray
Haunt you where you work
A creature crawlin’ hidin’ slidin’
Bidin’ his time writhin’ in the dirt

Do what’s right   
Overcome the evil
Defeat the boll weevil
Avoid the bite  
Never succumb to the toxic hit&run
Elude the sting
Keep love in sight
Leave the madness behind
On the trash heap of life

Don’t ever give in
Live the word from within
We can all thrive
The Serpent’s Bite

The sacred Earth’s
Been taken so for granted
Don’t like it I can’t stand it

For what it’s worth
It’s a sham and a sin
Don’t know where to begin

Seize the day
May your consciousness seek
Turn & confront the worm
Waitin’ squirmin’
Down at your feet

Take the antidote
Hold your head on high
Raise yourself up
Where the snake cannot rise   
(that would be wise)

                       2018 Gary Mitchell Wollman



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