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Sage (Gary Mitchell) has served as an

educator/special projects instructor for many

years in the New York City public school

system. Specializing in music, he organized,

wrote, arranged and produced various student

music and choral groups (incl. winner of New

York State Special Arts Festival Award) as well

as numerous other school and educationally

based projects. Gary is a graduate of Masters

programs including English, Education and

Music from Queens College, New York. He

pioneered courses in ethno-musicology as

well as the teaching of English through the

contemporary pop song lyric. This evolved into

a peace and awareness course which was

piloted in the schools under the name Project

X. Sage is also Owner/President of November

28th Productions (an independent production

company) and co-Founder of Humanifest Unity

(an organization that uses the power of

technology to promote goodwill). More recently

he acts as CEO of (each one teach

one) whose mission statement is to use media

to fight violence, racism, and promote media



Lastly Sage is also the

songwriter/performer of recording artists Siren

& Sage. In collaboration with

partner/singer/producer Siren he has

developed an independent production

company which has developed internationally

aired music videos such as "Love Is The Key"

and “What Are We Going to Do About the

Hate.” Although they have produced dozens of

original projects, there are still over 100 songs

in the same vein composed but as yet



"Love Is The Key" engaged the contributions

of businesses, schools and local communities

as well as established artists/crews. The final

production was played on thousands of cable

TV and radio networks around the US in the

1990’s, (incl. CTV's Lightmusic and WNYC's

Video Music Box). Siren and Sage’s music

was also in regular rotation on MNET radio in

South Africa when Nelson Mandella was being

elected President in 1994 as well as on

Bohemia After Dark, the first music video show

syndicated/aired in Eastern Europe after the

Berlin Wall fell.


Sage is currently considering various

possibilities for future projects. He seeks to

continue utilizing his music/lyrics along with his

unique teaching experience with diverse

groups of young people to produce very rare

and valuable assets; serving as content

uniquely qualified for the digital format.

         Sage Songs






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