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Some Form of Euphoria                                                   
                                      wds&music gary m wollman

It’s something that just cannot be ignored
Some form of euphoria
Always present whether you’re occupied or bored
Talk yourself through every chore
Open up your arms
Be sure to ask for more
-Some form of euphoria-

Take it in
But let it all out
Share it even when
You’ve won the bout

Whether the contest is close or you’re in a rout
Some form of euphoria
Presumably the winner or you’ve been left out
Some form of euphoria

Come in with confidence
and leave with no doubt
Know when to keep it quiet
And when to shout
Some Form of Euphoria
                              Some Form of Euphoria

Please Lord oh let it be the norm
Some form of euphoria
Help us all to weather the storm
Surely inspiration is ours to draw from
Some form of euphoria

Open up to the source
Retrieve the goodness once lost
Take a breath for love  
Replenish not exhaust                                                         

  You may delight to the crowd’s roar
From Brooklyn to Astoria
Be as timid as you like or play it off like a warrior
The truth teller in your heart
Can feel the true glory of
Some form of euphoria

Somewhere in every thought
Call it up from within ya
Something we can all applaud
Let it go - don’t keep it stored in ya
See that you begin to find
Some form of euphoria

                                   Some Form of Euphoria

You can never be a fraud
It’s more than just what’s comin’ next in store
The show’s barely begun
Here you are feelin' the encore

(So) Say what you will
Don’t say I didn’t warn ya
Unlike the olden days when the people
Might just have scorned ya
What we all long for is never wrong
So get taken by storm for
Some form of euphoria

You came into the world with it
From the time that you were born
It’s the loss of it for which
We all mourn

What we’ve all been waiting for
Some form of euphoria
Something you just can’t ignore
The reason we’re here for
The only way to truly get in through the door
Some form of euphoria
                                    ©2020 Gary Mitchell Wollman                                 
                                           Some Form of Euphoria

Destined to prove that we belong
Not the candidate from Manchuria
Nor am I marching to Pretoria
Just enjoying
Some form of euphoria

There are only so many things that you can do
and that would cost
It’s whatever you wish to feel you can choose
and you’re the boss



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