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Comeback  Flight



Twas nothing trite wasn't looking for a fight

but I sure found what I was looking for


Can't ignore I was reaching for some new cure

Until I leaped on through the open door


Unrecognized - blinded by the light

Lost my sight but I came upon so much more


Not the man to be daunted by such a jam (who I am)

I looked up to the heavens

but I was starin' at the floor


Still I couldn't find

a reason or a rhyme

to be writhing in such pain

Cast aside in time


Seething through the hours - horrors so sublime

Came to my senses - no longer defenseless

A just reward for those who never stop tryin'


It was late at night

the pain was leavin' me uptight

Until I willed myself to let on out a lion's roar


I scared myself alright

Nearly vanished clear from sight

Not a bite or a sign was I ready to ignore




Comeback  Flight


I'd come on back from the edge

wasn't cravin' for revenge

I gazed at me in the mirror

sans the evil dredge


Reeling from new heights

soaring with the light

I took comfort in the fact

I'd returned intact from my flight


(it was all gonna be alright)


© 2009 Gary M. Wollman


























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