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           Come Unity
                wds&music Gary M. Wollman
Don’t you refuse me
Or abuse me
to get next to me
You don’t have to use me
You’ve got to be true to me
Everything you do to me
Is quite an opportunity to seize
Oh please come unity

You could choose me
Oh how we aim to please
For what you want to see
Tune into me
Please don’t tease me
Or do it just to please me
Have you seen all you want to see
I’m begging thee
Come Unity

Oh please come unity
We’re on our way


We can find immunity
With truth and absolute beauty
It’s our solemn duty
You don’t have to confuse me
Only include me
Do your best to school me
Before you exhume me
And above all else
Oh please come unity
For all we need to be

Don’t you mess with me
Try and execute me
Do I appear to be
What you need to see
We’re the ones who can plant the seed
We stand to gain eternally
You can’t fool me
Or see through me
You better not get too used to me
‘Til you think things through a bit more carefully - come unity

Well, come unity
Welcome unity
To each and every communtiy
At long last (and) by all means
Oh please - Come unity
Come Unity

Don’t you accuse me
Go try and reduce me
When you can infuse me
With positive energy
You’ll just have to excuse me
But what you’ve done
Just about threw me
Before you put a hex on me
Perplex me accept me reject me
Put me in the deep freeeze
Won’t you be sure to wake me gently
Come Unity

You can connect to me object to me
Don’t upset me forget me threaten me
Or tell me what I’ve got to be
Come Unity

Let the world as a whole
Unite as one soul
Identify me mystify me
Introduce to me produce it for me
(Finally) Come Unity

Won’t you help (to) improve me
Don’t just try and outdo me
Why would ya ever want to ruin me?
What will it take for us to honor thee
Are you gonna soothe me
Or continue to exclude me?
You don’t even have to salute me
Anyway (Just) what would it prove to me
Come Unity?

We say there’s a God but in truth
It’s not really all that much use to me
‘Til to one and all comes unity

Don’t even bother to impress me
Or mentally undress me
Feel free to sing the blues with me
You don’t want to lose me
If you truly want to be free
Come Unity
Then Come Unity
                   ©2000 Gary M. Wollman                            





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