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Beautiful Danger
                               wds&music gary wollman

Complaining for years too sick for tears
You keep motorin’ on to escape your own fears

Ricocheting around like a hardball hit for fun
Playing tag on a wager with losers kept on the run

And lovers left undone
Nothing could be stranger
Don’t you agree as
Beautiful danger

Beautiful danger

Life‘s been solid but it ain’t never been sweet
Left livin’ full tribe keeping up with the street
(Barely satisfied to go with just enough to eat)

So unseemly and completely incomplete
Goin’ loggerheads with just about
Most everyone you meet

Yet you’ll never admit your fait accompli
To family or stranger
And you can’t stay away from
Beautiful danger
Beautiful Danger

Beautiful Danger

You can live with the torment or set yourself free
or resist til the very end as proud as one can be

But what’s got under your skin guarantees your defeat
You may distract yourself with danger
Til your match you finally meet
and you’ve been beat

Take the scenic route
No don’t risk all you see
Smell the roses along the road to
Sweet sanity
So you can leave

Beautiful danger

Quit your trollin’ for trouble
Better do it on the double

Don’t let it stain ya
It’s time to rearrange ya
Gotta get away from

It’ll never sustain ya
Keeps tryin’ to play ya
Beautiful danger                

                      ©2020 Gary Mitchell Wollman     




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