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Ancient Animals


We're complicated creatures

Barking up the wrong tree

Talking two minds about tomorrow

As to whether or not to be or not to be


We're ancient animals

All trying to do something that matters

We must first find the connection to our souls

Before each and every dream is soon left shattered

Deh de deh dah de dah


Won't you please spare me all the details

Let's just get down to the facts

Far too much has gone down through the ages

That, try as we might to deny, keep in mind

There are things we can never take back


It's been back and forth

We've been up and down

Moved all around the world and still

We've never been found

With all the strides we made

We keep losin' our way

We're still all huffin' and puffin' about yesterday

While the future's counting down on us

Without a time delay


Just ordinary people

Committing crimes of humanity

Seems ancient animals

Are beginning to look a lot like you and me


© Gary M Wollman 2009


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