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Almost had a moment

Almost had something to share

But we didn’t dare


We could rise with the tide

Elevate everything in sight

Soak up all the light

Make the world a paradise


But we  choose to divide

Losin’ the truth to soothe our pride

When we could soar

We could rise we could fly



Almost found the cure to what was broken

Almost uncovered the love so rare

As if we nearly cared


Singin’ every rhyme

Yet we feel no peace of mind

Attacking everything in sight

Never gettin’ off the dime


Could have been so much more

Had we cracked open the door

We might have gazed at the sky open sky




By now we should have worked out

all the doubts

 instead of chokin’ on lies

made up all at one time



could have been sublime

 humanity   unspoken

would’ve known it all the while

had the truth been awoken


Always in a bind

starin’ down past ghosts

we can keep ourselves alive

we don’t have to say…





   ©2010 Gary M. Wollman







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