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"What Are We Going to do About the Hate"

Sage the Songwriter

Sage’s music has presented itself through songs that have accompanied such seminal events as the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the election of Nelson Mandella – ending apartheid in South Africa. His songs continue to question the status quo and aspire towards as well as inspire for the “Greater Good.” Selections such as “Love is the Key”, What are We Going to do About the Hate” and “The Land of the Brave New Spirit” help set the stage for a more positive world and way of helping to move with individual hope and appropriate resulting actions.

Sage Songs are comprised of music that is intended to awaken us to our highest calling: helping us to understand matters of social significance (violence, racism, media literacy) as well as self-realization. Additionally many songs also deal with traditional subjects such as romantic love and love’s many frustrations. All these works are designed to approach life’s challenges working through ideals and positivity.

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