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      Two Seconds Too Many
                              wds&music Gary M.Wollman

Took two seconds too many
Had we made a decision
Would’ve never gone bust

Two seconds too many
Instead the gold has disappeared
and turned to rust

Left to too much hesitation devastation
Endless frustration
and a ration of dust

Why was I undecided?
How were we so immune
to the chorus of cries

It’s not as if it hadn’t happened before
Why did we ignore all
the warning signs?

Though it should come to us as no surprise
You’d think that after all this time
we’d have been so much more wise

Two Seconds Too Many

Two seconds too many
Needlessly waited too long
for all mankind

Pick one moment…any
All the love that could’ve been won
both yours and mine

Deem it uncanny
but all the hope in the world
should never be reduced undone
or run out of time
                      ©2017  Gary Mitchell Wollman



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